Hangar Rental

World Jet Inc. is dedicated to provide you with the best aircraft hangars for a variety of aircrafts. We offer you well equipped and well kept aircraft hangars that have the latest technologies integrated with personalized services, to bring you the best and for your best. Aircraft hangars are essentially spaces where you can ‘park’ your aircraft between flight schedules. Apart from housing, hangars are used for protection and maintenance of aircrafts. It’s a structure built toprovide shade to the aircrafts, protect them from harsh weather conditions when they are not in the air and provide a space to carry on aircraft maintenance services. They can also be environmentally controlled which assists in supporting different critical conditions for repairing and maintenance. Our aircraft hangars are designed to minimize maintenance time and maximize flight availability. We design our aircraft hangars complying with Facility and Planning Criteria that is issued by the aircraft manufacturers. In addition to adhering to local building codes, we aim at integrating characteristics of different aircrafts that may occupy the hangar space. Identifying possible aircraft mix, space requirements as dictated by them and maintenance functions that may be performed,is kept at the core of our hangar designs. Some other factors that have influenced our design decisions include: estimating the nature and size of warehouse space for maintenance requirements, amount of floor space required for office and administration purposes, and special purpose spaces such as locker rooms, utilities area, dining area, toilers etc. In other words, you would find just about everything you may need at any of our aircraft hangar. Our hangar facilities are maintained at extremely high quality and standards. We are capable of handling aircrafts and helicopters of different sizes. Right from the time an aircraft enters into any one of our hangars, to the moment it leaves, care and attention with the latest state of the art facilities and services with the latest technology can be expected.

For all your aircraft hangar needs, for private or corporate use, get in touch with us and expect stellar services.


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