FBO Services

truckIf you are looking for some exceptional FBO services, World Jet Inc. is the place to be. Fixed Base Operator, better known as FBO, refers to private jet terminal at a commercial airport that specializes in offering aeronautical services. Some services include refueling, maintenance, aircraft rentals, parking etc. World Jet Inc. is a full service FBO thathelps customers by taking care of all their ‘flying’ needs – minus the anxiety or worry.


The origin of the term ‘FBO’ can be traced back to 1926, in the pre-commercial days of private aviation.As World War I came to an end in 1918, civil aviation in the United States was chiefly unregulated and consisted of transient pilots who were known as Barnstormers. They operated inexpensive military surplus aircrafts, offering passenger flights, spontaneous air-shows or aerobatic demonstrations for the locals. Existingeconomic conditions determined how they charged for their services. It all changed when Air Commerce Act of 1926 generated a set of requirements that revamped civil aviation. Licensing of pilots, training standards and aircraft maintenance became customary, enabling pilots and aviation officials in establishing permanent businesses which were termed as Fixed Base Operations.

Private flights could now land in any location safely by contacting FBO at any airport. Arrangement would be made in a matter of minutes for the flight to land without any hassles. Initially, the process was mainly non-commercial but with constant evolution of the aviation industry, FBO has grown by leaps and bounds. The roster of services as offered by FOB services at World Jet Inc. include:


Our FBO services offer contract fueling that supports flexible pricing models. This allows our customers to have complete control over their expenditure based on plane rate and fees, and choose the model that works the best for them.


Who doesn’t love stepping into a spick-and-span aircraft every single time? Constant exposure to oil spills, environmental factors and air pressure call for a regular cleaning. Our FBO services ensure that cleaning is done on a regular basis to maintain aesthetics along with cementing an aircraft’s safety.


Every aircraft needs regular maintenance inspections and tests to check whether they are safe to fly or not, without which the authorization may be revoked. FBO services handle this aspect by checking flight hours, registration numbers, license, replaced spare parts, inspection dates, structural repairs, fueling records etc. and documenting the results for future references.


We help in providing unparalleled concierge services that include everything from arranging transportation/rental cars, hotel reservations, catering, overnight hangers, office space/conference room, internet access, and relaxation/shower room for pilots, flight planning, ground power units, and other customized services.